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Read through our Summer Camps Frequently Asked Questions to find some answers.

General Info

What is Uptime United?

Uptime United is the name of our club program, club teams, content creators, and professional teams. Make friends and get on an Uptime United team where we promote a lifelong enjoyment of esports through education, training, and competition.

What are esports?

Esports are multiplayer video games played at a competitive level, often for spectators.

What are the benefits of esports?

According to recent studies, esports has many benefits. These can include: improved brain function, greater creativity and problem-solving, better positioning for STEM careers, more relaxation and less anxiety, strengthened social skills.

What are our coaches credentials?

Uptime United’s coaches come from all over the country and have years of collegiate and professional playing experience in a variety of game titles. They’ve won championships and been awarded scholarships to play for some of the biggest college teams in the country. Our coaches have the playing experience required to empower the Uptime United players with the qualities to be successful gamers. Through their STEM and NFHS certifications, our coaches have created structured curriculums to help students of all ages excel.

Summer Camps Info

How do in-person summer camps work?

We have in-person summer camps offered across the summer at state of the art gaming centers in Hanover, MA, Brandon, FL, Miami, FL, Austin, TX and Fairfax, VA. All in-person camps run from Monday-Friday 9AM-3PM local time. Players will receive instruction from STEM certified coaches to improve their skills throughout the week.

How do online summer camps work?

We have online summer camps offered across the summer to allow anyone across the country to participate. All online camps run from Monday-Friday, 1PM-4PM eastern time. Players will receive instruction from STEM certified coaches to improve their skills throughout the week.

What games are offered?

Camps for Fortnite and Rocket League are offered, as well as a general Esports Camp (in Hanover, MA) that includes games from many categories that will be played each day.

How much do camps cost?

All of our in-person camps are $445, but for a limited time you can receive $100 off your registration with our SUMMER100 promotion. The Accelerate Clinic is not included and costs $499.

All online camps are $149.

Have a question that wasn't answered?

Schedule a one-on-one phone call with our director of coaching, Jon “reVo” Gargoshian, to discuss your child’s gaming experience and see what camp may be a good fit for your child.



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