Uptime United, the nation’s premier youth esports organization, provides best-in-class coaches and training facilities.


Jonathan “reVo” Gargoshian was a 6-time North American national esports champion. He has traveled all over the world competing in numerous international championships in Thailand, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey. With over 9 years’ experience in the esports scene as both a professional player and coach, reVo has left his mark in each game he competes in. Whether it be establishing a professional-level roster or developing teams to compete at a high caliber, reVo is tenacious about advancing the esports scene and taking Uptime United players to new heights.



Ryan “Adept” Cunningham has been a part of the esports community for over 5 years. He has traveled throughout the United States to compete in tournaments in Overwatch, while helping coach others in Fortnite and Apex Legends. Thanks to his extensive experience in the esports scene as both a professional player and coach, Adept has left a legacy. He has built winning teams and friendships in each game he competes in. Whether he is practicing with his team or coaching squads to compete with the best of the best, Adept is passionate and driven towards working with new and experienced players alike. He strives to work with all calibers of players to maximize their potential for success.



Alec “Chance” Mueller was one of the first collegiate Fortnite players in the country to receive an esports scholarship from Ashland University in 2018. Chance went on to compete in several different collegiate leagues such as American Video Game League (AVGL), Collegiate Star League (CSL), and National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE). Chance qualified for CSL playoffs in all seasons, won three different AVGL tournaments, competed in the Code Red/AVGL 10k tournament, was runner-up at DreamHack Atlanta and King’s Island All-Mid Fortnite tournament.



Jalen “Vydo” Avery first grew his interest for the esports scene in Destiny One where he would compete against other top Destiny players in Trials of Osiris, soon after that Vydo migrated over to Fortnite in 2017 where he dived head first into the competitive scene and competed in every Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) which is where he made his first of many esport accomplishments, such as placing 20th in week 1 of Trios FNCS and 8th in Solo FNCS heats. Vydo continues to compete in fortnite and is beyond excited to help develop young esport players and be a part of Uptime United.



Kevin “Kaymaii” Meyer is a 2-time national esports finalist and up-and-comer in the FPS community. Having only 2 years of FPS experience, he has competed at the top level in PUBG where he played for the most frag-heavy team in all of collegiate play and placed 2nd overall nationally two seasons in a row. On top of that, he has competed at numerous tournaments across North America throughout his competitive career. Although he is a newfound FPS specialist, Kaymaii has also reached the top ranks of other games such as Rocket League and League of Legends, only proving his ability to adapt and translate his habits into moulding great all around players.



Clinton “WaxGod13” Gregory is an active gamer, he has a passion for games and always looks forward to ways he can improve himself, as well as others. Since childhood, sports have been his life, he even went on to play tennis for a Division II college. His tenacity for sports and helping others will translate into being the best coach for all his players and he looks forward to helping Uptime United players rise to the top.



Jonathan Carbone is a dedicated, long-time gamer with experience in a plethora of games, ranging all the way from open world RPG’s to first person shooters and battle royales. He spends most of his time learning tips and tricks for all the games he plays to improve his in-game capabilities and win as many games as possible. He strives to get a victory each time he picks up his controller and typically doesn’t walk away until one is achieved. He works great with people of all ages and is an amazing coach and mentor, ensuring that anyone he works with gets the fullest experience possible learning the ropes of a game and having a great time while they’re doing it. Jonathan is very excited to be able to have the ability to coach people in a passion they enjoy, while promoting good habits and increasing skill and excitement for the game.



Kelvin Alvarez is a long-time active gamer, he is talented at FPS and Battle Royale style gameplay with the ability to work well in teams and in solo play. From a young age, Kelvin has always played sports and enjoyed fitness training, this later transformed into coaching travel teams for soccer clubs and becoming a fitness training coach. Kelvin is excited to be part of the team and being able to help the youth grow in the world of esports.



JC “Jota” Dominguez has been a gamer ever since his hands could grip a controller.  From the Gameboy to the newest generations of consoles, JC has never lost his love for gaming and he now hopes to share his passion with the youth of the gaming community.  JC’s competitive gaming journey started out like many others, playing against friends on the couch.  He then decided to take his skills online where he was eventually introduced to the 3rd person combat game, For Honor.  He then moved on to win multiple local tournaments in his hometown of Miami, FL playing NBA 2K until he eventually settled into the fortnite community playing in numerous local and online tournaments.  JC now sets his focus on coaching for Uptime and reinforcing our four core values of Balance, Positivity, Respect & Teamwork.



Zach “Freefal481” Dornfeld started out as a soccer player when he was 4 and played continually until 18. He played on several Travel and Premier teams and even played in the state finals in 7th grade. He is also an inventor and won several awards at the Connecticut Invention Convention. He has been an avid gamer since he was little and used to watch his older brother (went by Burningwave) play WOW on the PC. Zach can always be found sharpening his Fortnite skills and competes regularly with an online team of friends as well as individual competitions. He loves exploring new games and is constantly challenging himself. He has been a role model to younger students and high school students alike in computer classes where he assisted the teachers and also worked at several summer programs as well. So he brings to Uptime a great deal of skill, not only in gaming, but in working with students of all ages.



Kieran “etoh” Price has always been interested in esports. He started playing competitively in 2012 with Team Fortress 2, and moved onto other games across the years such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and VALORANT. In all of these games, etoh rose the ranks quickly and reached some of the highest levels possible. Although etoh has retired from playing competitively in 2018, he still maintains high ranks in all games he plays competitively. Today, etoh works in esports full time, coaching collegiate teams and providing commentary, camerawork, and production for large esports events in North America and Europe.



Herbert “Herblore” Cuevas is a lifelong gamer with a fascination for playing games at the highest level. He started his competitive gaming career over 10 years ago, playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare via Gamebattles and online tournaments. He played other games competitively like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Pokemon, Rocket League and now he currently plays Fortnite. Herbert believes that playing video games at the professional level requires a healthy lifestyle that facilitates being able to play for long periods of time but also allows you to excel in other facets of life. Nutritious diets, physical fitness, and engaging in social activities with friends and family, makes the most well rounded players. Inevitably, these experiences and ideas brought him to coaching and wanting to promote esports as a hobby and career that is viable for anyone willing to put the time in.



Hernan “Revenge” Giraldo Has been playing video games as early as he can remember. Revenge has been the highest rank in multiple shooters including, Overwatch, Valorant, Apex legends, etc.  Known for his support play in Overwatch, he played Lucio during goats meta on multiple tier 3 teams. Currently he plays for a tier 3 Valorant roster and has won 2 Aimlabs tournaments concurrently. He has placed 2nd during the GLG October Pit of Valor tournament. Revenge is currently Immortal 2 in Valorant, Grandmaster in Overwatch, and Platinum 1 on Apex Legends (Masters peak). Revenge has been searching for many coaching opportunities with his passion for teaching and guiding others who want to be the best as well.



Tie “tieyershoes” Shaw is a long-time gamer, musician, and content creator. Starting back in 2010 with Call of Duty: Black Ops, Tie is no stranger to shooter games and started playing Fortnite at the start of his collegiate career. Beginning at the age of four, he began teaching himself guitar/bass and would eventually attend Westfield State University to pursue a degree in music performance. The skills and drive learned from pursuing his degree would eventually translate into his drive for success in esports. With a teaching background and a love for gaming, Tie strives to help build up the communities in which he is involved.



Jonah “Jatmon” Russell has been a competitor since he was young. He participated in football, basketball, and baseball starting at 8 years old. After a knee injury left him unable to play his junior year of high school, he found E-sports as a competitive outlet. He began playing Fortnite as it became a global sensation. Immediately getting involved in the competitive scene, he sought to learn everything about the game. Jatmon went to compete for a few seasons, but found a greater passion in coaching. Coaching peers, friends, and people in his Twitch chat, Jatmon would lead several players to top 200 placements in tournaments. He is now very excited to be taking his passion for coaching to Uptime United.



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